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annular type
 - With substantial durability and absorption of expansion & contraction and vibration, it is appropriate for application against water hammering phenomenon, vibration and earthquake.
 - Installation can be carried out expediently and conveniently due to development of connector fitting, thereby reducing the duration of installation and cost.
spiral type
 - Although the configuration of the thread is spiral, thereby enabling it to be subjected to less resistance of fluid than radial type, the connection method is more complicated than the radial type.


  - With formation of bellows, it is safe against thermal expansion, deformation and earthquake with ease of bending along with installation in narrow spaces. Accordingly, it can be expediently and conveniently particularly because dedicated connector fitting has been developed to make connection convenient.

Annealed corrugated tube

 - Product with improved flexibility and corrosion resistance of flexible tube as well as further improved constructability and durability, and aesthetic outer appearance by subjecting ordinary flexible tube to treatment in Bright Annealing Furnace (Solution Heat Treatment) at 1,050℃.

Coated type

 - This product was manufactured by subjecting ordinary flexible tube to ultraviolet ray resistant P.E. coating process, and is appropriate in buried pipeline works as it can prevent corrosion of the flexible tube under poor external environment.

Annealed and coated tube

 - This product is manufactured by subjecting thermally treated flexible tube to ultraviolet ray resistant P.E. coating process. It has the advantages of thermally treated flexible tubes and protects the tube from the poor external environment. It is a product that is flexible and corrosion resistant as it has also undergone BRIGHT ANNEALING FURNACE process.
 - Applied in water supply, boiler, LPG, LNG urban gas pipeline, etc

Annealed and Double form tube

 - Product with 2 layers of sheathing by applying the 1st P.E. foam coating on the thermally treated flexible tube and then 2nd coating on top of the first coat.
 - With thick sheathing, it has improved thermal insulation and highly resistant against external impact and scratching (thickness of the sheathing: 1.6mm)